What is Reborn?


Reborn is a game development studio based in Tampere Finland. Company was founded in 2012 and back then we were called Fragment Production.


Fragment released its first game for PC in 2013 called Rescue - Everyday Heroes. Rescue franchise continued with Rescue - Heroes In Action mobile game in 2015 and also sequel for the first PC game, Rescue 2 - Everyday Heroes was released in 2015. Over the first two years the company saw many changes in personnel, but also it became evident what we wanted to be.


We want to be the best game developer in strategy and simulation categories.


The company has developed a lot over the years and it has also been able to double its business on a yearly basis. In 2016 it was decided that the company needs a new identity to match the current strategy, vision and also express our thinking and professionalism behind the curtain. And now we are called Reborn.


We have a team of nearly 30 game development professionals. Our next PC game is called Urban Empire due out later in 2016. This is the first time city builder comes with a political simulation. We can not wait to get people playing this game.


Reborn. Every day, Every game.







Ilkka Immonen

Firstname.lastname at reborngames.net